The progress of SAGREEN 

SAGREEN is founded in 2003 by Simon Schaaij sr from Holland. SAGREEN is a company with dutch roots. 
Its well know that tunnel farming and greenhouses are very famous in Holland. Holland is a small country with lots of tunnel farming agriculture. When we started in 2003 we were serving a charity organisation called Charibiz, we found that the quality of vegetable tunnel was not sufficient to serve the needs of the South African people. People were selling plastic tunnels or very expensive steel tunnels that was simply to expensive for your average gardener/ small farmer. 
The Innovation started 
We came a long way from starting with plastic tunnels to a
fully hot dipped galvanized steel frame that is even more
easy to set up than a tent!  After helping a lot of people with education and quality vegetable tunnels. We decided to market our high quality vegetable tunnel with the goal to keep it affordable. 

We are proud that we have the most competitive vegetable tunnel with a high quality finish. 
Anno 2018 
We have sold well over a 2000 of domestic vegetable tunnels. Most of our customers are amazed by the value for money they get. We focus on effectiveness and bulk, all our products are finished of in style, sewed together so its fits around your frame like a sock. We aim for durability, our netting last well over 7 years and our frames are coastal proof. Our tunnels can be moved easily, so when you decide to move to another place your tunnel can move with you.