"The SAGREEN vegetable tunnels are more than just a couple of metal pipes bended, it's a well engineered  structure that is movable and easy for set up.  The finishing is first class. Best value for money 2018" 

Ideal for community projects 


This is how SAGREEN got started, we looked for ways to offer the communities, safe houses and schools a better vegetable tunnel for a good price. After some good old Dutch engineering we came to a very solid and strong vegetable tunnel fully made of galvanized steel instead of plastic tubing. Our tunnels are shaped and designed to withstand strong winds, pills of snow. They very user friendly and you can use the top bars to hang up vegetables, seedlings or herbs. For us it is mission accomplished. It's an absolute money maker for the community. The shade cloth and plastic has got the maximum UV rating on it. The color and densities of the cloth can be customized for your ideal growing situation. 

On special 


We have a got a incredible deal for this month, we can offer you a 3.3Mx4.5Mx2.1M from only R 4499

or a 4.5Mx6Mx2.5M from only R6499

Not only do you get this amazing vegetable tunnel we also offer you a free e-book organic manual 

Don't miss out on this deal, its only while stock lasts. 

Bigger sizes? 

We from SAGREEN can do most sizes in the domestic sizes, we can customize for you although this becomes more expensive. When your looking for a good affordable price we recommend to stay in our standard sizes. We have two standard width of 3.3M wide and 4.4M wide they go into 1.5M sections. 

Offcourse we can do any sizes as the product is locally manufacterd